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Our Story

In 2021 a buddy (and fellow UTSA alum) decided to design a UTSA themed hat and have a few made for himself, his family and friends.  I offered to manage the distribution of the hats and we opened up the order to the fanbase and ended up selling out the entire inventory of hats in just a few days.  Unfortunately, prior to production, unforeseen circumstances caused him to have to back out of the hat deal but I was determined to move forward with it.  He graciously allowed me to use his design and the rest is history. 

I ended up finding more inventory, selling 100 more and then spent the next several weeks delivering them out of the back of my Ford Explorer all around San Antonio…at tailgates, parking lots and all sorts of other random places.  There were times that I had to give another buddy a printed Excel sheet containing order information so he could help me distribute the hats.

first hat order

The end of the first hat order

Word spread about the hats and I continued to get order requests for weeks afterwards.  The demand was so great that I decided to do a second order...and then I needed to do a third…and then people wanted more varieties and colors in the hats.  On top of it all, order requests were no longer coming from only within San Antonio; they began to roll in from cities and towns all over Texas and America which added a new wrinkle to the whole thing. 


more hats

Throwing hats in a box to take to the UPS store

The demand never stopped but at some point I realized that I couldn’t continue to manage the logistics of these orders manually without sacrificing a lot of time and personal expense so I decided to partner with some folks and form the apparel company you see before you.  To this day the hat that started it all, the Runners Classic Trucker, remains one of our best sellers.  If you've read this far and wonder what happened to my buddy that came up with the original idea...well, he got hit by a bus and is now unemployed and homeless. 

Just kidding, he’s doing great.

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